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Register your domain name

Thousands of website addresses are registered every day. If you have a domain name in mind, such as your company name you should register it as quickly as possible. Domain names are a precious commodity - secure the web addresses you want today

Domain name parking

It's always wise to register the domain you want before someone else does, even if you're not yet ready to create your website. With KB Hosts, you can 'park' domain names for as long as you like, free of charge, until you're ready to use them.

Domain name transfer

If your domains were registered with another provider, you're able to transfer them to Fasthosts free of charge. Transfer your domain names to KB Hosts to take advantage of great prices, advanced features and the technology of an award-winning web hosting company.

You can extend the registration for a further 12 months at our current rate when you transfer to us. Only£3.49/yr .com Only£10.99/yr
.uk Only£7.50/yr Only£3.49/yr
.wales Only£10.99/yr .cymru Only£10.99/yr
.net Only£10.99/yr .email Only£14.99/yr
.xyz Only £9.99/yr .guru Only £14.99/yr
.today Only £14.99/yr Only £3.49/yr
.org Only £10.99/yr .co Only £17.99/yr
.biz Only £10.99/yr .it Only £17.98/yr Only £25.00/yr .info Only £10.99/yr
.me Only £14.99/yr .mobi Only £9.99/yr
.tv Only £25.00/yr .photography Only £14.99/yr
.graphics Only £14.99/yr .photos Only £14.99/yr
.technology Only £14.99/yr .gallery Only £14.99/yr


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